Bonsmara Beef

Healthy, Grass-Fed, No Antibiotics

Tenderness Without the Fat

There’s a myth in the cattle industry that fat means tenderness and flavor. Nothing good be further from the truth. Bonsmara beef is lean, healthy and maintains the consistent tenderness consumers desire.


Bonsmara beef is consistently tender meeting the industry goal of high quality beef, lower in saturated fat.

All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

For producers marketing to an all natural, grass-fed consumer, Bonsmara cattle will out-perform most all other breeds. Their resistance to disease and adaptability allows them to grow quickly and reach a competitive market weight on time.


Smith Bonsmara calves are never implanted with hormones, live most of their life on grass and if any calf needs antibiotics administered, the calf is culled from the herd.

Only the Highest Quality Beef

Bonsmara beef is consistently more tender and healthier for the consumer when compared to both other beef breeds and chicken meat. We work to produce the highest quality product for an affordable price.

Piece of Mind!

• 46% more tender
• 56% less subcutaneous fat
• 70% less intramuscular fat
• 63% less saturated fat
• 10% lower cholesterol
• 25% greater rib eye area
• 6% greater retail product yield
than average commodity beef