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An exciting “new” breed of cattle, the Bonsmara breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930’s by Professor Jan Bonsma to create a breed that could rival European cattle in meat quality, but thrive in subtropical climates. The result created cattle unlike any other. The Bonsmara breed produced highly fertile cattle that excel in all climates — especially in warm temperatures, have low birth weights, grow quickly and provide lean, tender meat combined with a docile nature. The Bonsmara breed dominates the South African landscape and since introduced to the United States in the 1990’s, has been in high demand. Increase the functional efficiency of your cattle by purchasing a Bonsmara bull for your herd. This Bos Taurus breed provides the benefits of Bos Indicus cattle without sacrificing meat quality or performance.


Bonsmara calves produce consistently tender beef with less total fat than chicken meat.


Bonsmara cattle efficiently adapt to prevalent environments and produce consistent results at reasonable costs.


The Bonsmara breed is the most functional efficient cattle type available in the United States. While other breeds talk about functionality, Dr. Bonsma invented it with the Bonsmara breed.

Cattle For Sale

In 2005, Michael Smith became one of the only producers in the country granted permission to breed pure-blood Bonsmara cattle. At the time, pure-blood breeding was restricted to an extremely limited number of breeders. Since then, the Bonsmara breed has opened up access to any breeder wishing to utilize Bonsmara genetics. The Smith Bonsmara herd boasts one of the best genetic selections of the breed in the U.S. Each animal is DNA tested and must meet rigorous selection criteria before it is marketed as a seedstock animal. Smith Bonsmara currently has an excellent selection of bulls, cows, heifers, embryos and semen for sale.

Born to Lead


Selecting for docility in beef cattle pays, and Bonsmara cattle are known for their naturally gentle disposition. Smith Bonsmara has a no tolerance policy when it comes to temperament.


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Breeding Standards

Smith Bonsmara cattle must pass strict DNA specifications, performance measures and physical requirements before they are kept in the herd or marketed as seedstock cattle.

Only The Best

More About The Breed

Beef Quality

Bonsmara cattle provide lean, tender, great tasting beef all the time. For consistency and quality, you can trust Smith Bonsmara.

More Tender Without the Fat

Research performed at Texas A&M University shows that 96% of the Bonsmara cattle on test produced extremely tender meat.

More About The Breed

Hormone & Antiobotic Free
Tender & Delicious

Beef quality you’ll have to taste to believe. Bonsmara cattle consistently produce lean, tender, all natural beef.


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